WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – A West Ashley landmark is now decked out in her Christmas best.

The Coburg Cow, lovingly called Bessie at times, was removed from her perch near Savannah Highway just days before Hurricane Ian impacted much of the South Carolina coast in late September.

But the cow made her grand return just after the Thanksgiving holiday now accompanied by a carton of holiday Eggnog and adorned in red and green spots and a festive wreath as she greets motorists each day.

The cow – in different forms – has greeted people in the West Ashley area since 1959. It has mostly come to signify storm threats to the South Carolina coast, meaning when people see the cow come down, it’s time to leave town.

Coburg Dairy was bought out by Borden Dairy back in 2011 and despite Borden closing its North Charleston factory and removing products from the state, the company assured Charlestonians that the legendary cow would remain in place and cared for.