ISLE OF PALMS S.C. (WCBD) — Community leaders on the Isle of Palms are working to make it easier for first responders to get to emergencies on the beach.

The Emergency Vehicle Access Project is expected to cost around $200,000. It will have a new access gate and concrete sidewalk extensions at the 14th Avenue beach access point in the county park.

Bailey Pfeiffer, manager of Isle of Palms County Park, said they’re hoping to decrease response times for emergency officials, especially during the peak season.

“This is going to allow EMS to stay parked here, especially during the busy seasons, which is primarily meant for us to have quicker response times to people who are going to be out on the beach,” said Pfeiffer.

While lifeguards are on duty at the county park, first responders typically respond to the beach in an emergency, but getting to the scene can sometimes be challenging. Isle of Palms Fire Chief Craig Oliverius believes this project will provide a solution.

“Charleston County staff lifeguards are there during the season. Our responsibility is 911. If somebody calls for police or fire we’ll respond; this will give us a great pathway and avenue to travel with an automatic gate to click to the system,” said Oliverius.

Construction on the project is expected to begin in January, and officials are looking forward to the benefits.

“The main thing is quicker response times for fire and our lifeguards to give better care to the patients,” said Pfeiffer.

The city of Isle of Palms says the emergency vehicle access project is expected to be finished in early spring.