CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A judge denied bond for Jamie Komoroski during a hearing that was held Tuesday morning in downtown Charleston.

Komoroski, accused of hitting and killing a new bride during a DUI crash back in April, asked for a judge to grant her bail after spending months behind bars.

Judge Michael Nettles ultimately denied the bond; however, he said that if there is no trial by the spring of 2024, a bond of $150,000 will be set with house arrest requirements along with a set of monitors and other various standards that will have to be met.

Family of the victim, Samantha Miller, and those of Komoroski spoke during Tuesday morning’s hearing while Komoroski appeared in court via video call, appearing in striped jail attire and getting emotional at times. She did not speak during the hearing.

Miller’s family fought through tears as they asked the judge to consider denying Komoroski bond, three months after she was initially denied.

Sadness, anger and pain could be felt in the Charleston County courtroom.

“I spoke at the first bond hearing, 12 hours after the defendant killed my sister, and it’s just as hard to stand here today only three months later,” said Mandi Jenkins, Miller’s older sister.

Komoroski’s defense attorney, Christopher Gramiccioni, addressed Judge Nettles after Miller’s family finished their statements. Aside from three prior traffic convictions, he said the defendant has “zero criminal history.”

“She’s never even been disciplined at her college at Coastal Carolina or in high school. I mean she has as clean of a record as you can imagine, as it pertains to purported danger to the community,” Gramiccioni added.

Komoroski’s parents and siblings spoke during the hearing and vowed to help with her sobriety, if released from jail.

“I will take full responsibility and commit myself and dedicate myself to making sure that she will be following all of the rules put upon her,” said Traci Komoroski about her daughter.

“Why should she just get out and go about her merry way? I definitely don’t think she should go back to Jersey or anywhere around here, I think she should stay in the community where it happened and feel it like I do every time I come down here,” said Samantha’s mother, Lisa Miller, after the hearing.

The family of Samantha Miller spoke moments after a judge denied bond for the woman accused of hitting and killing the new bride in a DUI crash earlier this year.

Komoroski is charged with reckless homicide resulting in death and three counts of felony DUI in connection with the April 28, 2023, crash. She is accused of colliding with a golf cart that was carrying Samantha Miller, her new husband, Aric Hutchinson, and others.

The new bride was killed while the groom suffered serious injuries in that crash. They were married at a venue on Folly Beach just hours earlier.

A toxicology report revealed that Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit in South Carolina.

Hutchinson later filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver claiming she was “bar hopping” in the hours leading up to the deadly crash.

Komoroski has been housed at the Al Cannon Detention Center since her initial arrest. Her attorneys say she is an exceptional student with a tight-knit family bond. In a recent motion, they argued that Komoroski poses no danger to the community.