JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCBD) – The 2022 James Island Charter High baseball redemption tour has been a smash hit.

The Trojans have 24 wins this season, with only one defeat.

“I think this year we really came together as a team. We love each other a lot. Everyone’s just gotten better all the guys we’ve returned everyone’s just gotten better,” junior outfielder Keillor Osbon said.

Now the real season begins on Tuesday.

As the trojans enter the playoffs as the second ranked team in the state.

“We know that we’re pretty good. But we just gotta come out and compete from one pitch to the next and at bat to at bat. If we do that we worry about one game at a time I think we’re gonna be ok,” said Trojans head coach Matt Spivey.

James Island was more than ok last season reaching the state title series.

But fell to A-C Flora in two ten nothing defeats.

They are using that as motivation this year.

“We all wanted to win but I mean. It’s hard to get there. We were happy with being there but we’re very driven to get there this year,” said senior catcher Hogan Garner.

“Think about it all the time. Great being here playing in that game but didn’t pull it out. We wanna get back there and pull it off this year,” Osbon said.

With a team so talented as the trojans would anything less than a state crown be a disappointment.

“The expectation was to be there at the end. Surely it would be disappointing but I don’t know that it would be a disappointment. But, we’re gonna be there at the end,” said Matt Spivey.

As the island boys try to bring home the schools first baseball title since 1996

They are taking it one day at a time and trying to get one percent better everyday.