CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – For the first time in 20 years, the United States Air Force is changing how they present and generate forces. The idea is to make the armed forces even more agile.

More than 150 airmen moved through different stations at Joint Base Charleston on Monday to make sure they had completed all requirements prior to deployment, like medical care and legal training. They also attended other helpful presentations.

The airmen who completed the training Monday will join other airmen from across the United States who are ready at a moment’s notice to head to what officials call “enemy territory” to help keep the U.S. safe.

“This makes the United States more safe; we are presenting a more agile force, a more lethal force, because like I said it is comprised of all different capabilities,” said Col. Lee Holfert with Joint Base Charleston.

“It’s a better way to prepare us for the high-end fight,” he added. “In the past, we have been used to fighting counter-insurgency, different, unconventional warfare, now we are looking to fight our adversaries more of a high-end fight, taking it to them.” 

Those at Joint Base Charleston said all these steps will only help improve national security, and it’s the first time a major change like this has been made to pre-deployment processing in the last 20 years.