Judge sets bond for Riverdogs employee arrested for voyeurism; more victims come forward

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) –  The Charleston Riverdogs Merchandise Manager has been arrested for voyeurism after being accused of taking pictures of two women in a dressing room Friday. 

Sunday morning, two women testified in bond court saying that Michael DeAntonio, 35, took pictures of them while in the dressing room at Uptown Cheapstake in Mount Pleasant on Friday.

DeAntonio is charged with Voyeurism. The judge issued him a $5,000 PR bond.

In the arrest affidavit, Mount Pleasant police say that the video surveillance footage from the store shows DeAntonio entering a dressing room, putting his phone over the two dressing room walls and taking photos of the victims.

The victims say, “This was very hard for the both of us. As victims in this case, our rights were completely violated, and our privacy was completely violated when we were at Uptown Cheapskate trying on clothes. It’s something you never expect to happen.” 


Michael DeAntonio is the Director of Merchandise at the Charleston RiverDogs.   The victims say that they hope that the Charleston RiverDogs will take action. 

The victims say, “Due to Mr. DeAntonio’s position in the RiverDog and his job at the RiverDogs stadium and his position within the Charleston community, we do want to see him held accountable for his actions and let everyone know that this is not okay. This should never happen to anyone walking into a dressing room to try on clothes. You should never have to feel unsafe, so we want to see action taken.”


Michael DeAntonio, 35, was arrested Saturday morning for first offense voyeurism. The woman who claims he filmed her in a dressing room spoke exclusively to News 2, but wants to keep her name anonymous. 

The woman says she was trying on clothes in a dressing room at Uptown Cheapskate in Mount Pleasant Friday. That’s when she said she noticed a man reaching over the dressing room wall with a cellphone, taking cellphone pictures of her.  

“When I realized what was happening, I just shouted to the wall that was to the right of me where the phone was coming from, what are you doing?” she asked. 

The woman says she shouted at the store employees to call the police. when the man exited his dressing room. She says he claimed that he wasn’t taking any photos of her, but was taking selfies so she confronted him about it. 

“I saw your phone come over the wall, he said, I was taking selfies, it’s called overhead selfies,” she recalled. “But the walls in these dressing rooms are way too tall. there is no possible way even the tallest person, there’s no way, so there are chairs in the room,” she said. “He was standing on a chair reaching over to take pictures of me. “

She then said the man got aggressive and agitated. She said he ran away from the store before the police arrived.

The woman says she saw a business card on the man’s phone case that helped police identify the man as DeAntonio. She said the store employees found him on the Charleston Riverdogs website. The website says that he is the Director of Merchandise. 

We are told, that after a warrant was issued for his arrest, DeAntonio turned himself into police Saturday morning. 

The owner of Uptown Cheapskate says they are grateful to Mount Pleasant Police for the quick apphrehension of the suspect. 

The victim says that she is still shaken from this experience.

“It’s a violation you are in a dressing room, you are happy, you are trying clothes on, and you see someone slide their phone over the top, you cant imagine. any woman..any one with a daughter, a sister, a friend, any human,” she said. “That just not a place where you should have to be watching your back and not feel sad, and I don’t feel safe anymore.”

During DeAntonio’s bond court hearing a second victim appeared in court. She also stated that Michael DeAntonio took cellphone photos of her in the dressing room Friday at Uptown Cheapskate in Mount Pleasant.

Judge set PR bond at $5,000 for Michael DeAntonio.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates. 

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