LADSON, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry man said he is fed up with road construction signs and barriers being left in place long after roadwork projects are complete.

Brad Cranford, who lives in Summerville, said signs are often put up before construction begins and can sometimes stay in place for years after the work is finished.

“I reached out to News 2 because I watch you guys twice daily – early in the morning and in the afternoon – and I figured you guys maybe could help,” he said.

Cranford said he understands putting signs up when construction is happening, but he said the signs are left long after the jobs are complete. “This particular one has been here well over three years after the completion of the road project,” he said, showing one of the signs on Ladson Road.

There are at least three signs on Ladson Road which appear to be leftover from the construction project at Palmetto Commerce Parkway. That project has been finished for quite some time.

Cranford said the orange traffic barrels have been left at the intersection of Weber Boulevard and Ingleside. He said the intersection has been complete for more than a year.

“I’d like DOT and/or their contractors to be more accountable and come and clean up after a project before starting a new project,” he said.

News 2 reached out to the South Carolina Department of Transportation spokesman James Law about the issue. He said they were not aware the signs were still up and is going to investigate the issue for Cranford.

He said it is included in construction contracts that contractors must remove the signs once the work is complete.

Cranford said the signs take away from the beauty of the Lowcountry.

“We’re always hearing about how attractive the Lowcountry is. I’ve been here my whole life, was born in Charleston, moved to Summerville, now wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else than South Carolina and it’s just become more and more of an eyesore,” he said, “It’s really annoying.”