Larger love bug presence in the Lowcountry could be due to Hurricane Dorian

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – You may see them outside of your house or the grocery store.

We’re talking about love bugs.

Love bugs usually fly in pairs as a female begins mating with a male. They’re a species of fly that can be typically found between the months of May and September.

However, it appears that they may hang around until October this year because of the heavy rains from Hurricane Dorian.

“This year we just kind of had the perfect storm, if you will, with the hurricane and the wet season beforehand. With all the leaf debris and everything else that was down, heavy amounts of rain created a perfect environment for a population explosion.”

Bert Snyder, Entomologist

Bert Snyder, entomologist at Palmetto Exterminators, said that he found that the reason you may see love bugs in certain areas more than others is because they are attracted to light, freshly painted surfaces.

This could be found at the home of Kendra Coleman, whose home had many love bugs flying around to the point that she and her husband tried to do anything they could to get rid of them.

“Foggers, we called our bug man and there’s just no solution, nothing really works and we’ve taken the water hose and cleaned the house and the deck off everyday and there’s a million more the next day.”

Kendra Coleman, resident

Snyder said that many people have asked him how to get rid of them and he simply said there’s no way to permanently keep them away and he advises people to be patient.

Love bugs are often called awful and annoying by many, but hate them or not, they will be gone soon, until next year.

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