SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – College athletics social media have become quite the production.

Departments have been created, dedicated to pushing out content.

At Summerville High, Will Chitty is the man behind the magic.

“Not only telling the stories of our kids and getting the exposure they deserve. But something in our mission statement with the school is everything is world class. And we strive to give the kids the best opportunities, give them the best everything,” said Director of Green Wave social media Will Chitty.

What started as a need seven years ago when Chitty couldn’t find a football score on social, has become a want for Green Wave athletes.

“I have the post notifications on, every time he posts, I’m like when is Chitty going to post, when is Chitty going to post. It really gets me and my teammates going,” Green Wave WR Pickle Pettiford said.

Will is in charge of the Green Wave’s social media.

Every video, graphic, or post comes from him with the help of his student assistants.

A labor of love for the Summerville native.

“Anywhere from two to three to four, five, six hours. Whatever it takes. Like I said earlier, the biggest thing, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it. We can throw a few little clip art things in there, we can do little canvas stuff, but the mission statement says world class,” Chitty said.

While Chitty doesn’t think his videos give the players any motivation, he does take some satisfaction in knowing the reach his posts have.

“You scroll down on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. You have all these stories of their time at Summerville. Congratulating the kids or trying to give them a little motivational thing. It’s cool to go in and see dozens of interactions from old players, fans, or teachers or just people who live in Summerville and just keep up because that’s home.”

Summerville is helping lead the new wave in social media, no telling what the tide may bring in next.