Local church cleaning up crime on Charleston’s Eastside

Local News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Data from the Charleston Police Department shows that 2019 was the second deadliest year out of the last 10 years. A community activism group, along with the help of St. Johns Chapel, is doing what they can to help lower those numbers.

Pastor Matthew Rivers raised the funds to provide home security cameras for the outside of private residences in the Eastside neighborhood. The decision to purchase the cameras came from rising frustrations due to increased violence on the Eastside. Pastor Rivers said the cameras are already helping to catch criminals,”You know, violence is something you have to continue to work, it’s like an everyday battle. But I believe having these cameras helps us to have a fight in the game.”

Debra Meyers is a member of the church and an Eastside resident who is very involved in the effort to provide cameras. Meyers said she hopes to make the neighborhood safe for her grandson, “My grandson can’t even walk to school because there have been so many shootings, and that’s .5 miles!”

Pastor Rivers has said that he will continue to go door to door until everyone who wants a camera on their residence, has one. He is also hoping to bring neighbors together in an effort to hold one another accountable, and keep the neighborhood safe.

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