Local Doctor weighs in on spike of COVID-19 cases in S.C.

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Wednesday, June 10th Governor Henry McMaster and the state epidemiologist, Dr. Linda Bell addressed South Carolina, about the spike in cases, across the state:

“Today I am more concerned about COVID-19 in South Carolina than I have ever been before.”

Dr. Linda Bell

Dr. Bell and Governor McMaster say, the curve is anything but flattened, and we need to act now to make sure the Pandemic doesn’t get any worse.

Here in the Lowcountry, doctors share those same concerns, saying that with everything going on in the world, some may be taking COVID-19 and social-distancing less seriously. Doctors say, the numbers speak for themselves.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare doctor, Dr. Melissa Ellis-Yarian says, she is keeping a close eye on the rising cases:

“What the Governor is talking about, and what Dr. Bell is referring to are the increased cases of COVID-19, that we have seen even in the past 7 days. It is still perfectly transmissible in the Lowcountry heat, and what is worrisome is people are letting their guard down, that is reflected in the data were getting from DHEC.”

Dr. Melissa Ellis-Yarian

Many new cases of the virus are being spread by people who don’t even know they are sick:

“An asymptomatic carrier is a person who has COVID-19 and can spread it to other people, but there not showing any symptoms, so they don’t feel sick, they are not coughing, they are not sneezing.”

Dr. Melissa Ellis-Yarian

Dr. Ellis says, this is a call to action for people to wear masks in public places:

“We have learned from the data pulled by DHEC in our state, that most people spreading COVID have no symptoms. So they feel fine, they don’t think they are doing anything wrong, and they don’t think they can get other people sick, but simply by talking or laughing in close proximity, you can spread COVID-19 to someone else, you don’t have to cough or sneeze. That’s why we want everyone to wear a face mask.”

Dr. Melissa Ellis-Yarian

While some social-distancing guidelines might not be the most comfortable, Governor McMaster says adhering to them, comes down to respect:

“We all have to practice that social responsibility, by not becoming infected and infecting others.”

Governor Henry McMaster

Governor McMaster says he will not make a statewide order mandating people wear masks in public, but he says now more than ever, proper hygiene and social-distancing practices are crucial to staying healthy.

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