Lowcountry family struggles to get sick son tested for COVID-19

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – This story starts over a month ago, on the night of February 20th when David Burt says his 14-year-old son- who never gets sick- started running a fever.

“His temperature went up Thursday, he kept a temperature all day Friday, we took him to Doctors Care and they tested him for the Flu. He tested negative for the Flu, so they sent him home.”

David Burt

When his temperature kept going up after that initial visit and hit 105.6 F, Burt decided to take him to the E.R.

“They checked lots of other tests, they still didn’t test him for COVID-19. We even asked. And they said, well we will do that when we have too, but not right now.”

David Burt

Eight days later, the teenager’s fever finally broke, and he was cleared to return to school. But the fever came back on March 9th.

“So on March 10th, we took him back to that same pediatrician, and they did nose swabs again,  no testing for COVID-19. Everything came back negative. So we were like, why are we still not testing him for COVID-19?”

David Burt

The boy’s fever has since returned, but still the family is waiting for answers.

“We’ve been to the E.R., we’ve been to the pediatrician, we’ve been to Doctor’s Care, and all places I would have thought would have at least sent us to the right place to get this test.”

David Burt

When it was announced that schools would be closing, Burt decided to try MUSC’s telehealth program to see if they recommended his son be tested for COVID-19. When the answer came back yes, the family headed to the drive-thru testing center at the Citadel Mall, where he finally received the test on Monday, March 16.

They still have not received the test results.

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