DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A Dorchester County man is in the process of walking 100 miles across the Lowcountry to commemorate the September 11th attacks and support Lowcountry heroes.

“I joined the fire department in Dorchester County in 1986; I’ve been working there for going on 36 years,” said firefighter David Moore.

What happened on September 11, 2001, hit Moore particularly hard.

“Most people probably remember exactly where they were the moment they found out about it. I was on Ladson Road, just down from my fire station and that’s where a lot of us met that day. Obviously, being in the fire service, as soon as the first tower came down, how many firemen were in that building at the time, how many people?”

Over the past few years, Moore had an idea in his head to honor their lives and service.

“Doing 100 miles in my gear has always been something I wanted to do in the back of my mind, just to see if I can do it,” he said.

A decided to give it a try last year. His plan was to walk 100 miles as part of the 9/11 Heroes Run on Daniel Island, which allowed him to also raise money for local first responders.

“I believe this year they are giving back to the Summerville Police Department. Last year it was the Lincolnville Fire Department. Just give them away to buy some stuff they might not normally be able to buy,” he said.

Moore went on to say, “Last year I tried and got to 62-miles. So, we’re right back at it this year.”

At noon on Thursday, Moore began walking in Mount Pleasant. He is hoping to raise $7,000 and will continue walking – taking breaks to eat and rest – until the 9/11 Heroes Run takes place Saturday.

“On 9/11 this year, the race starts at nine o’clock over on Daniel Island. If you haven’t signed up, come on!”