CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD)- Recent statistics released by law enforcement show an increase in some violent crime in the Lowcountry.

Charleston Police Department (CPD) North Charleston Police Department (NCPD) and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) all released data to News 2.

While the number of murders stayed the same for CPD so far this year, aggravated assault has risen.

“While the City of Charleston has not experienced a significant rise in violent crime this year as compared to last, CPD continues to seize every opportunity to mitigate violence throughout the city,” said CPD spokesperson Beth Wolfsen. “CPD holds weekly operational meetings to review recent crimes, crime trends and historical crime data to identify and address these crimes and to deploy resources to prevent further violent crimes.”



Murders in North Charleston have increased in 2021. But, shooting incidents, which is the number of incidents where there was a shooting not the number of people shot, has declined.


Shootings with injury declined in 2021 so far for CCSO. The number of fatal shootings decreased as well.

“While our numbers are down in 2021, one family affected by gun violence in a given year is one too many,” said Public Information Officer Andrew Knapp. “Our deputies patrol communities affected by a shooting to ward off repeat activity. Our detectives, meanwhile, are working hard to make arrests. We also appeal to community members to provide us with any information that might be helpful to make an arrest. It’s vital for residents to let us know when they have key information that could solve a case and help prevent future violence.”

State Representative Wendell Gilliard has called for an emergency meeting to discuss gun violence in the community. Gilliard says that this is in response to an increase in local gun violence that includes drive by, residential and business location shootings.

“Right now, it is my feeling that we are silent on these matters and with united voices, we can make a difference,” said Representative Gilliard.

The meeting will be virtual. The date, time and invitation details will be announced later.

Representative Gilliard is inviting police chiefs, community activists, mayors and anyone else with ideas to make positive change to the meeting.

“Evil triumphs when good men and women do nothing. Therefore I am calling on everyone to do something,” said Representative Gilliard.