WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD)- Here in the Lowcountry, one neighborhood in West Ashley goes all out for Halloween.

For the Carolina Bay neighborhood, it’s enter at your own risk.

It might be one of the spookiest neighborhoods in the Lowcountry.

“Every year it gets bigger and bigger and better and better,” homeowner Steve Bone said.

At the center of it all is two Halloween fanatics, Steve and Erica Bone.

“We build something different every year. Last year was the fun house, this year is the motel, next year we can’t divulge our secrets,” Erica Bone said.

It’s a bit of a friendly competition between all the neighbors, to see whose decorations are the scariest each year.

“I love what other people do and they all come over here and we’re always back and forth, making fun of each other and everything else.” Steve Bone said.

The Bone family says they had 700 trick or treaters last year, and expect even more this Halloween.

Steve Bone said, “We have 2,500 pieces of candy this year so we will go until it runs out.”

As trick or treaters around the Lowcountry will enjoy houses like this one, police want to remind everyone to celebrate safely, especially as more pedestrians will be out on roads after dark.

“We like to remind everyone, be seen, be safe. If you’re out and have some type of reflective tape or anything reflective you can put on you that’s always a great way to stay safe,” IOP Police representative Matt Storen said.

They’re also reminding parents to check candy before their kids eat it.

Storen said, “There might be some that are opened already, just from packaging at the factory. Go ahead and throw those out because you don’t know where those have been.