Lowcountry students engaged in online learning

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Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – Deborah Smith Principal at Mitchell Elementary says although they are a title one school they have seen tremendous parent and student involvement since moving all learning online.

“We have had a remarkable participation rate among our families. The families really want their children to continue learning while they’re out,” said Smith.

Smith says they have seen only 1 to 2 students per class not being reached. She contributes this to lack of technology.

“The district has been great about changing where the WiFi bus goes so we’re able to set them up and get them going.”

Principal Smith says this is a situation no educator has seen before. She says teachers like Cassie Connor, a child development teacher, are finding ways they have never done before to engage and teach students.

“We’ve figured it out, you know. The parents have been very forgiving. Our first zoom call I said ‘this might go really bad but we’re just going to give it a shot’ and we’re all figuring it out. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone tremendously,” said Connor.

Connor says as a teacher and a parent she is confident students are still learning and will be prepared for the upcoming school year.

“This was so new and foreign to everybody and we all found our footing and it’s great. My son still has work to do, my daughter still has work to do. It’s not traditional but it’s working.”

While school districts are unsure of what the summer and fall will look like, one thing is for sure. Teachers are missing their students and hope to return to an in person classroom next semester.

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