SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Children, parents and space experts gathered at a coffee shop in Summerville to celebrate the release of cosmic images from NASA’s James Webb telescope Tuesday morning.

The photos released from the $10 billion telescope are the deepest infrared views of the universe ever seen, according to a NASA press release.

At the watch party, local families came together at OneNation Coffee to participate in space-inspired activities and learn about the history of space exploration.

“We wanted, with the James Webb space telescope and community-host events, to celebrate our small businesses,” said Lisa Gethard, a NASA ambassador who led the educational event.

Gethard said events like this watch party are part of a 20-year NASA program designed to bring scientific education to communities.

“Our role is to share the enthusiasm, the innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit with the public,” Gethard said.

Gethard said she connects with and mentors students by breaking down complicated scientific jargon and explaining complex scientific concepts such as the galaxy, stars, asteroids and nebulas.

“In my lifespan, I hope to see them more engaged, participating alongside our researchers and scientists,” Gethard said.

OneNation Coffee was founded by veterans and former responders who said they share the same mission of inspiring the next generation to dream big.

“As a coffee company, obviously we want to serve a great cup of coffee, but we have a purpose behind that with our non-profit, One Nation Foundation,” said John Richards, OneNation Coffee President and Co-Founder. “We want to have that impact.”

Richards said he hopes to continue bringing the Charleston community together through events like this in the future.

“When you see images of space, you’re filled with curiosity, and your imagination goes wild. So it just shows the kids that they can do whatever they want,” Richards said.

Images of the “unseen universe” are the result of a collaborative effort between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.

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