MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – School, math, and homework are all things teenagers must do on a regular basis, but one teenager is challenging herself by adding another activity to her plate — flying.

Alina Scott is young, but do not let her age fool you. The 14-year-old cannot drive but she can fly a plane. Scott flies an Aerolite 103 which is a type of airplane that doesn’t require a license.

42 short hops in six days, a little under 1,000 miles, Alina made her first trip from South Carolina to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Alina explained, “Weather’s never perfectly predictable so I just, every time I flew, I flew as much as I could until the weather got bad, or it got way too late.”

Making her own decisions in the air, Alina’s success has given her a sense of responsibility.

“It’s not gonna be something where dad helps you on the bicycle and then, then you get going. It’s something that you really have to wanna do and really have to put a lot of effort into it,” said Alina.

And not many people are lucky enough to have a professional pilot and flight instructor like William Scott for a dad.

“There was a moment … I mean many moments along the journey, but this moment when I saw her do things that I didn’t explicitly teach her. Like if you teach a kid to ride a bike, they might wobble along, you know, but then there’s a point when they start leaning into turns and they start doing things you didn’t tell them,” said William, who has never been prouder to see his daughter follow her dreams as well as his footsteps. But he knows there are certain things in airplanes that you cannot allow a student to fail.

William explains, “Back to the bicycle thing. If you push a kid like that and he falls over you’re like ah don’t worry about it, you know, get up and try again. It never can happen in an airplane, you know, you can’t sort of crash, you know, and just try again, because you might, you don’t get two chances sometimes.”

With more time in the air, William says Alina is getting better every day.

“She has become a fantastic pilot since then, so that also helps bring down my blood pressure a lot,” said William.

It’s a bond between the two shared in the air.

“After this, I hope to get my private pilot license and then go through the Air Force Academy and then become a pilot,” said Alina.