Luncheon held in N. Charleston to benefit St. Andrew’s Parks leader, in need of heart transplant

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The North Charleston Recreation Department hosted a barbecue luncheon on Wednesday to raise money for a local parks and recreation leader in need of a heart transplant.


Kevin Walsh, the long-time executive director of St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground suffered a heart attack while on a flight that departed from Dallas in mid-September. The plane was flown back to the airport, then Walsh was taken to a local hospital.
“Kevin’s heart was damaged to the point where he needs a new one,” said said Susan Klugman, the chief financial officer for St. Andrew’s Park and Playground.
Walsh and his wife Nancy are now in Texas for treatment.
“Kevin is truly the heart of St. Andrew’s,” said Klugman. “We want to support his family financially as they go about this journey that they are on and we’re committed to doing that in whatever way we can.”
The event was held at the Felix C. Davis Community center at Park Circle.
Director of the North Charleston Recreation Department, Ed Barfield told News 2 that the fundraising event was something he felt they needed to do for a big member of the local parks and recreation community. 
“If any one of us throughout this Lowcountry would have such a horrific thing happen to them, I feel sure that they would step up as well,” said Barfield. “So, it’s the way we feel about Kevin. He’s a wonderful guy and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for 20 plus years.”
Every dollar raised at the luncheon goes to Walsh and his family.

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