MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – Police in Mount Pleasant were dispatched to Seacoast Church over the weekend after a man accidentally discharged a firearm.

The incident happened just before 3:00 p.m. Sunday at Seacoast’s main campus off Long Point Road.

According to an incident report, the head of security at Seacoast, Bill Gadol, called police to report a volunteer member of the security team had accidentally discharged the weapon inside the building.

The subject, identified as Peter Rouse, told officers he was conducting some additional training in a second-floor classroom when the gun went off.

Rouse said he unloaded his personal H&K 9MM handgun and placed it on a window sill with the close back. After training, he placed a loaded magazine in the firearm and closed the slide.

In the report, Rouse states that he typically does not carry with a round in the chamber. As a result, he normally places a magazine in the firearm with the slide closed and conducts a ‘dry fire’ by pulling the trigger.

Rouse stated that he followed his routine in this incident, except this time the slide had been open and when he closed it, a round was chambered.

The firearm was reportedly pointed at the flood when it discharged.

Because the floor of the church is made of concrete, police say there were no signs of penetration other than through the carpet.

Officers say Rouse is certified with SLED for armed carry on Seacoast Church property only.

We’re told there were a few people at the church, mostly staff when the incident occurred. No injuries were reported.