SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Authorities say a man found passed out at a traffic light along Nexton Parkway in Summerville was arrested after police discovered more than nine pounds of marijuana in his car.

Officers with the Summerville Police Department (SPD) responded to a welfare check on a man reported to be passed out at a traffic light on Nexton Parkway near Millhouse Drive last weekend.

Responding officers said they could smell a “heavy odor of marijuana” coming from a black Mercedes and observed a male who was laying back in the seat asleep.

According to a police report, officers were able to eventually wake the man up. They said that when he rolled down his window, an odor of “raw marijuana was extremely strong” and noted the driver appeared to be lethargic.

The driver, identified as Sakai Washington, Sr., told officers that he was tired after making a trip from Atlanta “because he was a rapper” and said he had stomach problems and asthma prior to falling asleep.

During a probable cause search of the vehicle, officers located a small bag of marijuana in a driver’s seat pocket and a pistol in the glove box. Police said Washington was federally prohibited from having a gun.

They also discovered a large black suitcase in the trunk which they said smelled heavily of marijuana, according to the report. Inside were several large vacuum-sealed bags, which police said turned out to be 9.10 lbs, containing green plant-like material.

Washington was arrested on a charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was taken to the Berkeley County Detention Center.