Man donates autographed movie poster to the Terrace Theatre to replace stolen one

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James Island, S.C. (WCBD)— A locally owned movie theater on James Island, the Terrace Theatre, says an autographed movie poster of “The Godfather” was stolen earlier this month.

The stolen movie poster has not been found, but a generous movie goer gifted a new poster to the theatre this weekend.

Andre Hinds is a Terrace Theatre regular, so when he heard about the theft of an autographed poster from the establishment, he knew right away that he wanted to find the theater another one.

“I think one thing that is very, very important, especially now with the way Charleston is, it’s kinda important to support local, smaller business. To make sure that you are right behind them…they are always here for you, so you have to be there for them,” Hinds said.

He searched and searched online, finally locating an authentic autographed poster of “The Godfather” at a store in Canada. He purchased it, had it shipped all the way to Charleston and gave it as a gift the owner of the Terrace Theatre.

“It’s relatively the same. Theirs was an original one-sheet which is kind of one of those transparent ones, so it’s a lot bigger. This is a reproduction, but it is authentically signed by the people who are on the poster and starred in the movie…and it was done in 1994 and to have a Marlon Brando signature is huge,” Hinds said.

Captain Roger Antonio with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office says that they are still investigating the theft of the original movie poster and that no one has been charged.

The owner of Terrace Theatre, Paul Brown says the gift from Andre certainly helps cushion the blow.

“It’s an amazing gesture. It’s really easy to be cynical about things and stuff like this just makes a big difference,” Brown said.

To say thank you for the generous gift, the Terrace Theater gave Andre a pass to see free movies for a year.

Andre, the gift giver, says that he wasn’t expecting anything in return when he purchased and donated the movie poster, because helping his favorite neighborhood theater is priceless.

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