Mark Blake’s attempted murder trial begins

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A long-awaited trial for some began Tuesday in Charleston County. 

Following jury selection, the State vs. Mark Blake trial began. Blake is representing himself.

Blake is charged with attempted murder, a charge stemming from March of 2013. Police say Blake drove away from a traffic stop, ditched his car, and led police on a foot chase in West Ashley. During that case, Blake allegedly shot Officer Cory Goldstein who fired back, leaving both men with gunshot wounds. 

Blake addressed the jury, claiming he was acting in self defense and saying the State will have a hard time proving their case.  

“Every accusation she made to y’all, she’s going to have to prove it all in order to win her case. So, that’s going to be very, very hard to do,” Blake said.

Goldstein then took the stand and told the court what happened that night after he told Blake not to move.

“He raised the gun, standing in my direction. He said ‘you don’t move mother******’ and then began firing shots,” Goldstein said. 

As Blake is representing himself, he addressed Goldstein. One repeated question was when guns were drawn. 

“You got three options. You got subsequently, you got instantaneously, and you got simultaneously. Which of the three would you say?” Blake asked. 

“If you’re asking what I would say, I’d say that you drew your firearm.” Goldstein replied. 

Blake also showed the court pictures of the gunshot wounds he sustained. 

“I’m not a ballistics expert. All I know is that when he turned around and started firing his gun, I’m in a life for my life. He was on the ground shooting, so I’m firing rounds back. I don’t know how or at what point he sustained these shots. I was in a fight for my life at that time,” Goldstein said. 

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