Meredith ‘Lands’ back home

Local News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Meredith Land made a trip back home to the Holy City last week. As an Ashley Hall graduate on their 110th anniversary, she came back to her hometown of Charleston to show other young girls that they can become whoever they dream to be.

Making her start at WCBD News 2, 15 years ago, the now-NBC 5 Dallas anchor told journalist Angelica Collins how News 2 gave her the push in her career she needed helping her to become who she is now.

At the young age of 22, she started her career here at Charleston’s News 2 which was her first ever job. She says: “you look at the women who’ve come in and out of there (News 2) and these are women who really lifted me up.”

Allies like Octavia Mitchell and Carolyn Murray, who are now lead anchors at News 2, taking her under their wings and showed her that being herself was the best way to be.

She goes on to say how at the start of her career she didn’t understand her place in journalism; shy at the time, how she’s worried about being too southern or attempting to be perfect and how she leaped over that hurdle in her career.

Now a wife and the mother of two beautiful children, she encourages younger women with dreams to “just go for it” saying “why not you, I did it.” NBC 5 in Dallas is one of the top-rated networks in their market—truly showing that seeing is believing and that through being connected as one and counting on each other, everyone can grow together.

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