Mount Pleasant, SC (WCBD): If you’re a frequent flyer, we’ve got some news for you! Taking off your shoes, belts, and removing items from your carry-on can all be avoided thanks to a new program.

All week long, a mobile R-V in Summerville is helping U.S. residents sign up for TSA Pre-Check. 

We’re told this is an ideal situation for people who travel more than a handful of times throughout the year. The process takes just ten minutes to complete and you’ll need to bring a valid U.S. passport or both your drivers license and birth certificate. 

Registration will last today through the 22nd at AAA off Dorchester Road in Summerville. 

Now through Thursday, doors open between 9am and noon and then again between 1pm and 5pm. This Friday, doors are only open from 9am to 12pm. 

To make an appointment, head to

It will cost you $85 for five years.