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Mount Pleasant, SC (WCBD) – You probably don’t think too much about headlight technology, until, you’re driving down a dark road and you feel like you can’t see, or on the contrary, you’re in traffic and someone’s bright lights pierce your eyes.


Properly working headlights that are the right brightness are vital to safe roadways. John Hedrick, Technician at AAA Car Care Center, Mount Pleasant, says that there are a variety of bulbs being used in newer car models and each is brighter than the kinds used in the past.


He says, “You’ve got all kinds of different lights, from LEDs to HIDs. A lot of people right now are running the HIDs, because they are a little bit brighter. Occasionally, you will get behind somebody and you’ll notice that their lights are really bright.”


Brighter headlights are meant to illuminate the road better, helping drivers, especially at night.


John Hedrick says, “Anytime you have a brighter light, things are more visible at night and you are going to be able to see a greater distance. People, like myself, sometimes struggle at night trying to see, but with a brighter light you will get better vision and feel safer. You’ll be able to see more things in a further distance.”


Brighter beams can also present an unwanted road safety risk for anyone driving towards them. Thus, it is very important to use them appropriately & have them installed by a professional if you are looking to upgrade your standard headlight.


John Hedrick says, “If you have brights on and someone is coming at night, you definitely are going to want to turn them down and get your low beams going. Hopefully, you can take it to a shop, and they can install them right and point them in the right direction. If one headlight is pointing off in the woods or one is pointing into oncoming traffic to blind someone, that could definitely be a problem.”


Headlight laws tend to vary from state to state, but when it comes to the color of the bulb, whether it’s a standard one or an upgraded, slightly brighter one, it needs to be yellow or white. Lights that are too blue are illegal.

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