MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Search and rescue efforts continue in Turkey after two large-scale earthquakes hit the region, leaving many dead in its wake. In fact, the death toll has climbed to over 11,000 and is expected to rise in the coming days.

Ayse Narin and her husband Cengiz call Mount Pleasant home right now, but they are originally from Turkey and have lost several close friends amid the tragedy.

They are grateful for the support pouring into turkey from all over the world following the devastating earthquake that has impacted their family and friends living in the country, and as search and rescue efforts come down to the wire.

“Some of them survive, but not all of the family, some of them died at the hospitals, some couldn’t rescue, some- still have no news about them, about our relatives,” said Ayse and Cengiz Narin.

“Those are the last moments to survive, so cold, it has been three days, I am so sorry for my country, it is such a beautiful country- such a beautiful land, such beautiful people,  but it is on the zone, on the earthquake zone,” they added.

Those looking to help can reach out to organizations like UNICEF or Water Mission.

The Narin family was living in Turkey when a 7.6 earthquake struck the Kocaeli Province of Turkey in August 1999.