Beaufort County Sheriff’s and the Beaufort County School District are now looking into an incident at Broad River Elementary School where a student may have copied a Netflix movie where they made death threats to other students.

According to the Sheriff’s report, it started with a broad river elementary teacher who confiscates a notebook that had the words “Death Note” on the front.
Inside were two other students names and words like “if your name is in this book you will die in 30 seconds or 30 minutes.”

It’s very similar to the Netflix movie “Death Note”.
Based on an animated series, a Japanese high school student gets the book which has supernatural powers.
If a person’s name is written in that book, that person will die in however way you write it down.

While no actual violence took place in the school or anywhere else, some people considered it a “hit list” against others this student didn’t like.
The student’s mother was notified and a full report was made for the school..and the sheriff’s office.
The parents of the two students written down in that notebook do believe this is a serious situation and they have asked Beaufort County Sheriffs to potentially look into charges. 

This case has been bonded over into family court. 

The school system couldn’t tell me if that student had been suspended or expelled because of privacy laws.