MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – The Mount Pleasant Police Department (MPPD) hopes its new recruitment team will help to get more officers in the door and on the force. The newly-established team is looking to develop creative ways to draw more officers.

The agency’s new three-person recruitment will oversee roughly 10 officers who will help with recruitment. Some of the creative methods they’re looking to use include ride-alongs and more to better serve Mount Pleasant.

“It’s important because your police officers are who protect you,” says Senior Police Officer Emily Hairfield.

Gathering new officers for the Mount Pleasant Police Department is now the job of a small team. The agency developed the new initiative following a need to change prior methods.

“It had become a little stagnant but our goal here is to recruit like I said quality and those who want to serve,” says Hairfield.

The agency is looking to improve recruitment and retain higher numbers of new officers using innovative community engagement tactics to draw more in.

“We offer ride-alongs to our community. We will send you a ride-along waiver, come in we will give you a tour of our agency, set you up with one of our officers, and see what we do on a daily basis,” says Hairfield.

Recruiting new officers is something the Mount Pleasant Police Department has struggled with. The challenge for the agency isn’t a lack of applications or interest, but instead a high number of applicants who are weeded out during the training process.

“Things that we are seeing is that they don’t meet the education requirements because we do require an associate’s or the hours equivalent, but as far as people being interested in our agency, we’re not lacking on that,” says Hairfield.

The new recruiting initiative is something Senior Officer Hairfield and others hope will draw more officers to the agency with one goal of keeping Mount Pleasant safe.

“This is an agency that is looking to put their recruits above everybody else and where we need to put them and how we need to put them to where they want to be,” says Hairfield.

If you’re interested in becoming an officer with the Mount Pleasant Police Department, you can visit the town’s website or contact the agency.