MUSC COVID-19 safety marketing campaign targets young people

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) –MUSC is constantly working to keep the public informed of the latest public health information, and that includes a new campaign targeted at young people.

Dr. Kelly Perritt the Director of Marketing Campaigns for MUSC says the clever idea came out of a crisis:

“Those 18 to kind of 35, that are you know out and about, not necessarily masking, social distancing, and following the guidelines that the CDC has established.”

Dr. Kelly Perritt, MUSC Director of Marketing Campaigns

It’s a new kind of advertising for an established healthcare institution. Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) designed with a team of experts, for those constantly on their devices:

“Kind of create a stop the scroll campaign….you don’t really hear a health organization talking about going to the bar and that sort of thing, but that’s where this was taking place.”

Dr. Kelly Perritt, MUSC Director of Marketing Campaigns

After launching in August, they have been approved for another round of advertising, including Snapchat ads:

“We have had tons of comments on it, so we’ve gotten a lot of impressions, we’ve gotten the message out there. and really we feel that is our responsibility as a health institution.”

Dr. Kelly Perritt, MUSC Director of Marketing Campaigns

They hope the ads, which personify the coronavirus, stop people in their tracks.

While the numbers show that the campaign is working, the message doesn’t resonate with everyone, but it does get them talking:

“It feels gimmicky a little bit, like they are trying to use a slang terms that they think we are going to respond too.”

Rose Goblet, College of Charleston student

Young people have been identified as the main spreaders of COVID-19, and MUSC hopes that this marketing campaign can help make them take the virus more seriously.

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