DANIEL ISLAND S.C.(WCBD)—Residents were left upset Saturday night after a Halloween party got out of control. Neighbors said the crowd left the yards trashed, and drivers bottlenecked through traffic.

Hundreds of people were at the Halloween party on Park Crossing on Saturday, leaving neighbors upset about the noise and damages they said the people caused.

According to the police, over 500 people came to a house party in Daniel Island, leaving some residents upset about the traffic and noise.

Kevin, the homeowner who threw the house party, said they just wanted to let their daughter celebrate and didn’t expect the party to get out of hand.

“My daughter, a senior at Bishop England, said she wanted to have a Halloween party, and she decided to reach out to her community. Our family had a party like this last year, an uproaring major success. Unfortunately, the power of the internet and social media caused the party to explode,” said Kevin.

It took officers nearly an hour to clear the property. After people left, some got in fights, and others got in car crashes. According to a police report, underage drinking was also a factor.

The homeowner received a livability citation, and now police are reminding people to be safe and respectful when celebrating the holidays.

“Actions at your party may have implications later on, so consider what those results look like. You don’t want to be in a situation where someone leaves your party hurt and injured. Safety and people at your party must be key and paramount,” said Sgt Anthony Gibson of Charleston Police Department.

The Charleston Police Department said officers would patrol areas across the Lowcountry Monday night and Halloween night.