News 2 anchor returns from surgery: A personal message from Carolyn Murray

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

I’m excited to be back with you. Many of you know that I was hospitalized and have been in rehabilitation for the past three months.

Some of you have been following my journey on social media- you read and listened patiently as I explained neurofibromatosis- the rare genetic disorder that resulted in tumors growing on my spinal cord- and a rarer disease, neurosarcoidosis, that requires intensive long term possibly lifelong treatment.

I have neither met a single person with these two conditions, nor have I met anyone outside of a doctor’s office who understands these diagnoses.

  I have an amazing team of doctors, nurses and therapists who have helped me relearn to walk and use my hands, and I can’t thank these health care providers enough.

And because of your concern and your compassion, I am committed to telling you what it means to live with a chronic disease, but we will do that at another time.

Tonight, I’m back in my comfort zone. I may look a little different; medicine has a way of healing the body but damaging the ego.

When the time is right I will tell you more about my journey, but right now I remind you that I am not the news, I’m just privileged to deliver the news to you.

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