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Parent asks for help from News 2 after no crossing guard at Westview schools crosswalk

A school crosswalk again has a crossing guard after school started without one. A parent at the Westview schools contacted News 2 for help. Susan Stallsmith brought this concern to our attention that yesterday when school started there was no crossing guard at the intersection of Westview and Pineview in front of Westview Elementary.


“Yesterday morning there wasn’t anyone here. So it was the first day of school and I thought well things happen. So I called the school and they said they would have someone here this morning. But then again this morning there wasn’t anyone here to help the kids across the street.”


Cars and trucks move in multiple directions at that crossing and kids from Westview Primary, Elementary and Middle Schools all use the crosswalk.


So Susan reached out to us out of concern. “You see a lot of five-year-olds going to school walking through here who were so little and small. I just am concerned with them crossing the street. There’s going to be an accident or a child’s going to get hit by a car.”


We took those concerns to Tim Knight. He is in charge of safety for the Berkeley County School District. “It was just some miscommunication there. We got that straightened out now.” Knight says the problem is now corrected. By this afternoon, a new crossing guard was already on site. 


Susan is happy to hear that the problem was fixed. “Perfect. That is definitely needed for the safety of my child, but the safety of other kids and the other drivers driving in this area in the mornings.”


The school district says they have a crossing guard that is going to be there every morning and every afternoon throughout the school year.

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