NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – North Charleston will celebrate its 50th year as a city during “Fifty Fest” this weekend in Park Circle.

“We were incorporated in 1972 and of course, there’s a rich history of this entire area; most people would refer to it as the north area before we became a city,” said Kyle Lahm, director, North Charleston Cultural Arts Department.

North Charleston has certainly grown into a thriving city throughout its 50 years.

“I went to high school here. I grew up here,” said Lahm. “I would feel like North Charleston was a little bit of a sleepy town when I was a kid and things are so different now. We have a ton of new schools in North Charleston, business and industry, the coliseum, and a performing arts center.”

All of this will be celebrated in Park Circle on Saturday with games, giveaways, and rides for the kids.

“Featuring DJ Natty Heavy, the Heather Hayes Experience – a huge party band out of Atlanta, Georgia; we have local acts, JBR Trio – a rock bad, we have a country act in Cat Valesco, and then we’re featuring some Latin Cuban music from Gino Castino Quartet.”

Park Circle is a prime example of how the city is thriving. The area is home to busy restaurants and businesses. Among them are popular restaurants like Southern Roots Smokehouse, which is planning a big celebration of food.

“We are going to have our smoker out here. Our big rig will probably take up a couple of these parking spots and we’ll be serving food off our rig. We’re going to be cooking whole hog, brisket, wings,” said Dykota Slusher, District Manager, Southern Roots Smokehouse.

“A lot has happened in North Charleston in 50 years. We’ll have a slideshow that will be on two huge screens at the event showing history and old pictures of things that have happened over the years,” said Lahm.

The festival will take place in the Park Circle Business District from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.