NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The North Charleston Police Department (NCPD) said it seized more than 400 guns and made 377 arrests in 2022.

NCPD’s patrol officers confiscated 42 illegally or unlawfully carried guns in December alone. “Those seizures resulted in 40 arrests,” the department said.

North Charleston PD has long been working to curb gun violence in the city throughout the year.

A shooting that happened near a youth baseball game in April prompted a large response from the community, law enforcement, and from community leaders urging people to report gun activity and calling on the department to crack down on illegal guns in the city.

The city also added more than 800 security cameras throughout North Charleston to help them “monitor every part of the city.”

It is unclear if those cameras resulted in any of the gun seizures in 2022.