Now that you have sandbags, steps on how to place them properly

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Towns across the Lowcountry have given away thousands of bags of sand to homeowners ahead of Hurricane Florence.  Using those sandbags properly is key to protecting your home.

The use of sandbags is a tried and effective flood prevention technique. But if the bags are not filled and stacked properly, they won’t work effectively.

Many residents filled their sand bags themselves.   Sandbags should only be one-half to two-thirds full and should generally be left untied at the top.  When the bags are too full, they won’t easily form together to create a leak-free barrier.

Before placing the sandbags around your home, it’s a good idea to lay out a plastic sheet in between your home and the bags.  This will provide an additional barrier to water that can seep into doors.

Bag should be placed parallel to your door.  Fold the open end of the bag under the filled portion.  The weight of the bag helps to keep it closed.  You can fold the flap under itself or under the next bag.

The next bag should be placed tightly against or partially overlapping the bag before it.  You can even walk on the bags to compact and shape them together.  The bags should lay flat.

Complete each layer before starting the next.

Stagger the sandbags on top of one another. Think of it like laying bricks a half step off of the layer under it.  The bags must mold into one another to effectively prevent penetration of the sandbag wall.

If you build the wall higher than five sandbags, lay the bags two rows wide.

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