CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Calling all Outer Banks fans, casting agents are searching for a young “John B” look-a-like.

The hit Netflix show is currently filming its third season in the Charleston area.

Casting agents say the show’s director is looking for a juvenile actor to portray a younger version of the show’s lead character, John B, next week.

The candidate must be a Caucasian male between five and seven years old with light brown hair, and brown or hazel eyes. You are asked not to submit your child unless they fit that age range and resemble the character, which is played by actor Chase Stokes.

The pay rate is $150 plus a $50 COVID-19 test bump. The candidate must be able to test for COVID at the production office in Charleston on Tuesday, July 5 before 2:00 p.m., the show will film on July 6.

Those interested should submit two photographs “showing exactly how your child looks right now.” One full body and one headshot with the shoulders framed up are requested.

Your child’s hair color, cut, weight, and age must be accurately represented in the photos.

Casting agents say you should also include the following information when submitting for the role:

A COVID-19 vaccination record or card for the child’s parent or guardian, who must be present.

– Child’s name

– Parent’s name

– Phone number

– Child’s age

– Child’s height

– Child’s weight

– City and state you live

– Are you and your child able to test at the production office before 2 pm on Tuesday, July 5?

Send all of the requested information and the photographs to with “CHILD JOHN B” as the subject line.

Filming will take place on Wednesday, July 6. Those interested should submit by Friday, July 1.