NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Cars lined the entire block of Whipper Barony Lane in North Charleston on Wednesday to receive food and supplies from multiple charities ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The North Charleston Police Department, Community Resource Center, Carlos Dunlap Foundation, CBA Community Project and the family of Walter Scott organized the giveaway.

“It’s really wonderful to get the help to get food for my grandkids,” said Varnesta Dinkins, a donation recipient.

In one corner of the event, police officers were preparing hot lunches for families who drove up to get donations.

NCPD Chief Reggie Burgess said his officers have to lead by example in the community, and they’re finding new ways to serve those they are sworn to protect.

“If you listen to what cops will say they will say ‘To protect and serve.’ That’s all good, but I flipped it. Look at this patch. It says ‘To serve and to protect,'” said Chief Burgess. “I grew up in this neighborhood. When I was living in the projects we never had this. It’s a blessing for me to be amongst these great people and most importantly it’s a blessing for us to look out for our folks.”

Turkeys with Thanksgiving sides, hygiene kits, baby supplies, and children’s clothes were all donated to those in need by dozens of officers and volunteers.

Community development is what Louis Smith, the Co-Founder of the Community Resource Center, calls events like this one.

“We have a growing Hispanic population. We have the Blacks and the Whites. This is a community event,” said Smith. “This event has grown and we are taking care of these communities.”

The mother of Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Carlos Dunlap was representing her son’s foundation and said giving back is about the greater community.

“We’re just blessed to be a product of North Charleston. We’re always willing to give back to our community,” said Doctor Diana Ross Jackson, of the Carlos Dunlap Foundation.

Other organizers say that doing good is a way to pay life’s blessings forward.

“The good Lord is blessing us. As long as He is blessing us we’re going to try to bless somebody else,” said Earl Speights, the Director of the CBA Community Project.

“Although what my family went through in 2015 — we’re still working with the police department and serving the community,” said Rodney Scott, the brother of Walter Scott, who was fatally shot by an NCPD officer in 2015.

Those who are receiving help from others know that everyone is in this together.

“I’m looking forward to everybody having a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving because there are a lot of people without food and this place is really helping a lot of people,” said Dinkins.