DORCHESTER, S.C. (WCBD) – Woodland High School football isn’t short on size, skill, or hair.

“They don’t see her as a female or a girl kicker, they see her as a teammate, they see her as a football player,” said Wolverines Head Coach Eddie Ford.

Senior Erin Carreira is a standout in the classroom, on the volleyball court, the soccer field, and as the Wolverines kicker for extra points.

“I’ll come out here and then I’ll watch, I’m like yea, I actually want to do this. Then I would practice on my own time and it would end up being really fun.” said Carreira.

Erin, not the only Carreira that has kicked for The Wood.

She replaced her sister.

Timid at first, Erin is over her fears and over the cross bar.

“Last year I went seven for seven against St. John’s, but this year I was eight for eight, so that’s a new record between me and my sister.”

With her big night in week one, Carreira was named the South Carolina Football Coaches Association specialist of the week.

“If everything goes down right, we block up front, get a good snap, good hold, it’s going in every time,” Wolverines left tackle Kam Pringle said.

Erin may not have the same hype surrounding her as teammate Kam Pringle, but she’s just as important to her team.

Carreira followed in her sister’s footsteps and could help lead a new path in the Lowcountry.

“I guess girls would come by me and say oh my gosh that’s a girl kicker. It would be really exciting for people to say that.”

“Now they see it can be done. And they see that she’s comfortable on a team full of guys. So that naturally gets other girls interested to do it,” said Erin’s coach Eddie Ford.