Planned Parenthood rallies in downtown Charleston; Pro-life counter-protest held nearby

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DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Planned Parenthood is issuing a national call to action today after the governor of Alabama signed a strict abortion law.


Hundreds of thousands gathering for “Stop the Ban” rallies nationwide— including right here in Charleston.    


A crowd of more than a hundred protestors were at Tuesday night’s “Stop the Ban” rally at Brittlebank Park in response to strict abortion laws.  


“It should be her decision. These bills are essentially locking women, chaining them to a bed, to force them to give birth,” Julie Wiaterransel, local resident said.  

The pro-choice crowd saying they feel that individual freedom is under attack.


“I was pretty disappointed to see that the freedoms of women in Alabama were being taken away. I feel like this country was based on individual freedoms,” DJ Edwards, local resident, said.


The Planned Parenthood organizers say that as they rally against abortion ban bills, they are also looking to educate the community.


“I think that just increasing access to education to contraceptive and to abortion. You know abortion is healthcare and healthcare is a human right,” Emily Walter, Community Organizer of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic said.


Many counter-protesters from various pro-life organizations lined the streets leading up the pro-choice rally.

Cheryle Freiberger, a member of a local pro-life group says, “The helpless unborn child, that is a beautiful, precious gift from God— God’s creation. The ultimate question is what part of ‘thou shall not kill’ don’t you understand.”


The pro-life protesters speaking out in favor of stricter abortion laws—a stark contrast to the Planned Parenthood rally just steps away. 

“I’d like to see abortion outlawed. That it is not legal. That it is not legal. There need to be more programs to help women,” Freiberger said.

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