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Police department holds active shooter training at St. John's High School

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) - Teachers, parents, and students are not the only ones preparing for back to school season.

You may have seen a lot of police cars at St. Johns High School on Tuesday. The Charleston Police Department held an active shooter training drill. 

It seems like every year we hear more reports of school shootings.

As the first on the scene, first responders have to be ready to face whatever is threatening the people they protect. That's why several different law enforcement agencies across the nation hold active shooter drills.

"It's really important for us to train. Unfortunately these days with active shooters, it's a reality we've got to face. So training and practicing for events like that is really what will be beneficial to us and the community if something like that were to happen," said Lt. Rita Zelinsky with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Officers and deputies may know exactly what they're supposed to do as members of law enforcement, but if something like a school shooting were to happen, they may react differently as humans. So officials say drills like these can also help to avoid problems that could arise from human reactions.

"It's really hard to be able to understand what goes through someone's mind when a situation like that is going on. Because we're all human, law enforcement, we're not machines, we are human. It is a conscious decision for us to go into a dangerous situation that we make every day. It is difficult sometimes, we can train and train and train, but when a real situation happens, we're still human and the human effects come into that. The best way to prevent a mishap or something like that is continually practicing," Zelinsky said.

A spokesman for the Charleston Police Department told us this particular training drill focused on school resource officers.

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