Proposed 900+ acre development could be annexed into Summerville; nearby neighbors concerned

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A developer has requested that the Town of Summerville rezone and annex a nearly 1,000 acre section of land near the Nexton Interchange for a new development. But some who live nearby are concerned about parts of the proposed plans.

Property owner, the Whitfield Company has partnered with Hoyer Investment Company and Thomas and Hutton Engineering to request that the town annex and rezone 973 acres of land, near the Nexton Parkway and Drop Off Drive, into a planned unit development (PUD), called the Sheep Island PUD. The application for rezoning and annexation was presented to the town’s planning commission last month.

Conceptual plans show that the development would allow for up to 1,700 single family homes, 600 multi-family residences and 400,000 square feet of commercial space.

Neighbors in Del Webb, that borders the proposed  PUD property, say they are concerned about the planned development for several reasons including because it may bring increased traffic and more noise pollution to the area.

“This development has a road that’s going to right behind the berm,” said resident Frank Swigut, whose backyard is adjacent to the property. “That will bring a lot of traffic that we did not expect there to be. Also, the trees of the trees that you see behind us are going to go away. There’s going to be a lot more air and noise pollution.”

Some say that they would like to see more space between Del Webb and the planned development. A 25-foot buffer in between the two properties was listed in the plans that were presented to the town’s planning commission.

“The key thing is to increase the distance to preserve some of the beautiful pines between the two communities,” said resident Tom Conry. “That way the communities can coexist, they’ll have their space, they’ll be able to operate in that, but they won’t be right on top of each other [and] right next to each other.”

Privacy is another issue that Conry believes could be a problem for Del Webb residents if the buffer is 25 feet.

“If you were able to put in a multi-story, multi-family home, as you can imagine with the berms… they would tower right over the berms and so you’d really have sight lines right into the backyard, right into the bedrooms,” he said.

The request for annexation and rezoning for the property will go before the town’s planning commission for recommendation for approval on Monday, June 10. It will then require the approval of two readings by Summerville Town Council.

The Whitfield Company did return a request for comment for this story.

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