Rat poison found on Daniel Island is harming pets; some have died

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DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – Pets on Daniel Island are getting sick. Some neighbors even say that their pets have died after ingesting rat poison that was found lying around the neighborhood.


Count on 2’s, Taylor Murray, spent the day on Daniel Island searching for answers and tells us what to do to protect your pets.

The poisonous pellets found lying around Daniel Island neighborhood is called Ramik poison. It’s a deadly rodenticide and is either blue or green in color.


Neighbors say that their dogs have ingested it while on walks.


Dr. Rebecca Dimondstein, DVM, at Daniel Island Animal Hospital says, that ingestion of this poison can cause internal bleeding and death if not proactively treated.


“Sometimes difficulty breathing if they are bleeding into the chest cavity,” Dimondstein said.


The Daniel Island Animal Hospital has treated multiple pets on the island in the past couple of weeks exposed to this poison. One of their furry patients has passed away. However, they say that pets can survive this toxic substance with treatment.


“If you know that your animal has eaten rat poison. If you saw it or you saw it in the yard and you are worried, ideally, we can right away induce vomiting. We can start them on vitamin K, which is a supplement that we would start right away and do ins and outs of blood work,” Dimondstein said.


According to a safety alert issued this week by the Daniel Island Property Owner’s Association, a few pet deaths on the island are potentially associated with this poison. They say that they’ve seen the pellets in several areas on the island, but that neither their staff nor contractors use Ramik poison in any of the areas they maintain.


The Daniel Island Animal Hospital says that they are warning others on the island of poisoning symptoms to look for in their pet, incase rat poison pellets are still lingering around neighborhoods.


“Things like lethargy, decreased appetite or anorexia. Sometimes they just don’t feel right, those can be some of the symptoms. Some of the more specific symptoms, if they are bleeding internally can be descended abdomen, pale gum color,” Dimondstein said.

Daniel Island Property Owner’s Association says that they do not know how the deadly rat poison ended up on sidewalks, lawns, streets, and parks on the Island. They are asking anyone with information to please contact them.

For more information on the locations of the deadly rat pellet sightings on Daniel Island, click here.

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