Rep. Cunningham speaks to Beaufort Co. residents

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South Carolina Representative Joe Cunningham was in Beaufort Wednesday. He stopped for lunch to chat with residents about what he’s been working on.

“We came out here to talk to constituents, to hear what their concerns are, and try to bring those back up to D.C.” says Rep. Cunningham.

Cunningham spent his Wednesday afternoon at Bricks on Boundary in Beaufort talking to constiuents about their concerns.

Rep. Joe Cunningham, (D) SC – “People are concerned about the price of prescription drugs, we talked a little big about that and what we’re doing up in Congress to actually address some of these problems. Infrastructure, flooding has been other concerns as well.”

One of his biggest ventures in his first few months in office, a bill to ban offshore drilling.

“We made a promise to the people of the first district and we’re gonna keep it.” Rep. Cunningham says “we are leading the charge up in congress with that bill to ban offshore drilling and we hope for it to come to the floor this year and pass.”

Mitch Siegel is with Lowcountry Indivisible. He says “We’re here to ask him questions. Though he is our congressman and we support him vigorously, we will hold just as responsible as we will Lindsay Graham, as we did Mark Sanford.”

As the first Democrat elected to the this district in four decades, Cunningham says he strives to fight for everyone, regardless of party.

“We made a promise to put Lowcountry over party during our campaign, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.  One out of four bills that I co-sponsor is lead by a Republican. Almost 60% of the motions Republicans put forward on the house floor, I support.” Cunningham went on to say “so that is by far the most independent member of the democratic office and it’s a promise I made to people here in Beaufort County and it’s a promise I intend to keep.”

Cunningham is also part of the Veterans Affairs, tech and economic opportunity committees.

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