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Report: Driver admitted being 'high' to father before wreck that killed 11-year-old girl

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) - An officer with the Charleston Police Department heard the man who hit the 11-year-old girl in downtown Charleston tell his father on the phone that he got high and killed someone, according to the supplemental reports.

The supplemental reports state that Jeffrey Wakefield, 30, spoke to his father on a phone when he was in a police cruiser when the officer said he heard Wakefield say it. 

He claimed that he went out to eat with a friend from middle school who visited town but he couldn't remember the name of the restaurant, according to the reports.

The report added that Wakefield said he had two non-alcoholic Becks beers because he had been sober for two years, the report added. Afterwards, he stated in the report that he walked to two more bars with his friend where he had two additional non-alcoholic beers before driving his friend back to a garage, according to the report. 

The officer in the report stated that Wakefield's eyes were red, pink and glassy with small pupils and and that the saliva in his mouth to be very dry. Authorities conducted a field sobriety test on Wakefield before placing him under arrest, according to the supplemental reports.

Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds says, "I am very angry and committed to improved traffic efforts in our city. Those were already in the works prior to this incident, and include the creation of a Traffic Committee of various city partnering agencies to continue to look at three primary areas, we call them the three E's: education, enforcement and engineering."

Reynolds says this includes cracking down on drunk and drugged drivers.

The community has come together to show support for the Akguel family by creating a memorial at the base of a tree in Cannon Park for Selma.




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