CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A man arrested on drug-related charges Thursday is accused of threatening the life of a Charleston officer while en route to the detention center.

Two officers with the Charleston Police Department (CPD) were patrolling on the east side when they observed a man known to them as a drug dealer. According to a report, the man spotted the officers and “reached deep into his rectal area underneath his underwear.”

Officers said they knew from prior training and experience that this was an action consistent with someone attempting to conceal dangerous narcotics.

After approaching the subject, officers said they could smell the clear and distinct odor of marijuana coming from him. He allegedly admitted to having a “little bit of weed.”

Police recovered a plastic bag with a green leafy substance from his left pocket which they identified as marijuana.

Because of the circumstances and a prior arrest for simple possession, the suspect – 26-year-old Kendell Scott – was arrested for a second simple possession offense.

While being taken to the Al Cannon Detention Center, Scott allegedly made several derogatory and threatening statements to one of the officers and said that he already had two charges for assaulting police.

The report said Scott emphasized that the next time he saw them, he would “clap” the officers. He received an additional charge of threatening a public official.

While at the jail, police say Scott was irate and caused a disturbance. The man was thoroughly searched at the detention center, but police did not say what was found.