MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Residents at the Grove at Carolina Park Apartments in Mount Pleasant are growing impatient after they say they haven’t received mail for nearly two weeks.

No mail and no answers for people at the Grove at Carolina Park.

“We started talking to our neighbors,” Richard Baummer, a resident of the Grove at Carolina Park, said. “I also saw on the Next Door App and social media that our extended neighbors elsewhere in Carolina Park in the single-family home areas, they weren’t getting mail delivery either.”

Unsure where to turn for answers, several residents expressed their frustration at the leasing office.

“The office is actually catching a lot of heat and there’s nothing they can do,” resident Noah Phelps said.

The leasing office says this issue falls on the United States Postal Service (USPS).

“What I’ve heard back from our leasing office is they’re severely short-staffed,” Baummer said. “Our regular person is out on leave and they haven’t been able to replace them.”

And residents are the ones who have been impacted the most.

“They’re only down to three carriers in the area,” Phelps said. “They should have about eleven.”

Neighbors say they would like their mail soon, and there may be hope.

“We did get a delivery finally late last evening that was a lot of backlog,” Baummer said. “Whether that’s now going to be fixed and we’re going to continue to see regular mail delivery, I don’t know. I certainly hope so.”

News 2 spoke with a USPS spokesperson and they say they’re looking into the issue.