Rocking chairs stolen from Mount Pleasant neighborhood

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Unfortunately, this is a busy time of year for porch poachers.

Usually, we see them taking packages but that doesn’t seem to be what they’re after in the Magnolia Village neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. 

“We were able to capture the gentleman on camera just prancing up there, taking our rocking chairs, then just leaving. Just feel violated and there’s a lot of folks in our neighborhood that do have cameras, so we’re just hoping that he does get caught if anything happens again,” said Alisia Ware.

Those chairs are worth a couple hundred dollars. 

This isn’t the first time that rocking chairs have been stolen from Ware’s home. This was a replacement set for another set of chairs stolen a couple of weeks ago.

“We work hard for everything that we have and I don’t think its right to have people trespassing and taking our property,” said Ware. 

Those around the neighborhood say they were informed of the thefts by their Homeowner’s Association and now they’re keeping their eyes open. 

“It’s not a major crime, but at least we know we should keep an eye on things and lock our doors and so forth, so in a way maybe it’s a good thing,” said Ron Welte. 

According to the police’s incident report … The suspect is a black male with a full beard, aged 35 to 50, and he may have left the scene in a small light colored pick up truck. 

The Mount Pleasant Police Department is the investigating agency. Call them if you have any information.

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