CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Days away from Valentine’s Day some are looking to make last-minute plans while others are searching for a last-minute date but romance, love, and dating look very different amid the pandemic.

Jason See never expected to meet his wife on Bumble, but that was before he “swiped right” on Kristl.

“I definitely didn’t expect to find somebody that I would spend the rest of my life with,” Jason noted while Kristl added, “I always hoped that I would meet someone, but never did I think that I would ever find someone that I would fall in love with and get married.”

Their relationship moved quickly. Dating in February, engaged in September, and married in December.

“It’s truly an amazing story,” Jason pointed out. “And there’s no way we would have met. To know that our paths crossed like that… it’s pretty unbelievable,” said Kristl.

Jason and Kristl aren’t alone in their journey. With nowhere to go to meet new people those looking for a special someone are heading online, and those behind the apps are making sure they have the resources to do so.

“Straight away we made sure the tech was ready within our app so that folks could really feel confident and comfortable getting right on there and meeting folks when they couldn’t go out to bars and restaurants,” stated Head of Editorial Content at Bumble Clare O’Connor.

A new trend on Bumble is what O’Connor calls “new dawn daters” and they make up 25% of the app’s users.

“These are folks who are newly single during COVID-19, so they’re getting on Bumble, they are starting ’21 fresh, and they are out looking to meet new people,” O’Connor explained.

O’Connor claims so many people have successful relationships online that the negative stigma is going away and that’s meant an increase in new users over the past few years.

“Baby boomers, folks who are recent empty-nesters, folks who might be divorced or starting fresh,” listed O’Connor.

Starting fresh as newlyweds, in a new town, and with new jobs, Jason and Kristl say they’re looking forward to life after the pandemic.

“I don’t know, I think we’ve been pretty happy overall,” commented Kristl. “But it has its challenges. Literally within the first three months of 2020 everything that we had experienced or was our norm in ’19 was not our norm anymore,” Jason added.

Online dating was successful for Jason and Kristl See and they recommend you try it, and so does the team at bumble of course, especially during a pandemic when it’s hard to meet new people.