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Roof damaged in attempted break-in at Pet Helpers

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) - When Pet Helpers employees got to work Friday morning they realized that water was coming in through a hole in the ceiling, but they don't think that hole was caused by the storm.

They think it was an attempted break-in that could be drug related.

"The management team came into Pet Helpers and we noticed that when we went to the executive director's office, part of the ceiling tiles had caved in and water was coming in, said Carrie Browning-Perez with Pet Helpers.

The HVAC specialist they use at pet helpers was going to be on site for routine maintenance anyway, So they had him take a look. He found a couple of surprises on the roof.

There had been two spots that had shown that somebody was actually trying to cut in to our roof and trying to get into the building. That's the only area right now that doesn't have an alarm system on it," said Browning-Perez.

The executive director isn't sure, but he feels the clinic could have been a target because of what's kept there. 

"We do a have a clinic here where we do spaying and neutering, and we do a vaccine clinic, so we do have drugs here," said Alan Berger, Executive Director.

No one was able to enter through the roof, which happens to be hurricane-proof. Whoever was creating those holes gave up.

"There was one hole that somebody cut in the roof and there was a second hole that they didn't quite finish yet," Berger said.

While they're looking at some expensive repairs, those at Pet Helpers say they're just happy the holes weren't above an area where they keep animals.

Pet Helpers is offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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